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ZiMUN 2018

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Model United Nations is a conference where delegates debate about a problem, coming with
a solution at the end. ZiMUN is a MUN conference held in Harare International School,
Zimbabwe. ZiMUN 2018 was performed between the 8th of March till the 11th of March.
There are altogether five committees which are the General Assembly, Security Council,
Economic and Social Council, Environment Commission and Social Commission. The theme
for this year’s Model United Nation is ‘Overcoming Conflict’. This is the second year that HIS
has hosted Model United Nations. The very well prepared schools that attended the ZiMUN
are The French School Harare, St. John’s College, St. George’s College. Peterhouse Group
of Schools, Chisipite Senior School, Hellenic Academy, Arundel school, Prince Edward
School and last but not least some students from Luanda International School in Angola flew
all the way here.
ZiMUN 2018 started with a blast. The opening ceremony featured many great performances
and a special guest speaker. Kirsty Coventry was the guest speaker for ZiMUN. She gave
an inspiring speech about coming together despite our differences. HIS also welcomed
ambassadors and guest speakers that gave advice to the delegates about working together
as one and creating resolutions for a problem. After the opening ceremony ended, all of the
delegates headed to their designated committees. There wasn’t much debating on the first
day, as people were excited to be there and everyone was more or less just socialising. On
the second day of ZiMUN, the morning started with a heated debate and the delegates were
very eager to express their opinions and come to a logical resolution that would benefit their
country without harming any other countries that were in the room.
On the third day of the conference, the delegates came up with different points and showed
that they wanted to be here, were passionate to debate and to potentially win the titles. At
the end of the day, every committee had come up with a resolution that was passed with
majority of the votes. The MTV Night and the Social were on the third day of the conference.
The MTV Night was indeed very enjoyable but the social was really entertaining. I think
everyone at the social would admit that they had a great time there, as the dance floor was
full, it gave the delegates a break from the debates and the conferences and everybody was
The next day, all the delegates and vice chairs gathered in the PAC, where the debate
began with an emergency conference. The debate was started by 5 chairs and the delegates
enthusiasm towards the conference was fun to watch. The chairs also decided to play a
round of confessions at the end which did spice things a little bit more and made the
conference even more exciting. The ZiMUN Conference ended with an award ceremony
where the 2 of the delegates that were able to come up with best resolutions, solutions and
participated throughout the whole programme were awarded with certificates.
Personally, the best part of the conference was when the delegates decided to become
diplomatic and came together in order to pass a resolution even though the countries that
they represented would have never supported the resolution. Overall, my ZiMUN experience
as an admin for Security Council. It was really entertaining but most importantly I learnt how
to be able to voice my opinions and debate in Model United Nations. All thanks to the lovely

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ZiMUN 2018