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Children of the Sun 

Shaah Kamuruko, Guest Poet

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Shaah’s introduction to the poem:

This poem is mainly speaking about the lives of black, African children and how they live everyday. I connect deeply with this poem not only because I wrote it, but because I can relate to every single line. Understanding each line on a personal level really makes me happy and I hope it will make you happy as well. This poem is not meant to be racist, I just wanted to show the world how proud I am of my culture and my nationality. Please enjoy and don’t be afraid to comment!



Not far from the west but we chose to stay

Close to industries but closer to the bay

We would never eat like townsmen but rather serve hay

To the hens that scramble from their pens with no time for delay

Because we are children of the sun that mold our hearts from red clay


A threaded soccer ball to smooth for our soul

We would rather play with what is collected to make a more efficient goal

We ask for the scraps just to add to our empty bowl

As we watch the sparks fly for the burning out coal

Because we are children or the sun willing to make a half a whole


No new technology can not compare to any new smile

We we look forward to the sensation we have not felt in a while

A sensation of joy and happiness will be our only style

As our rhythmic tapping of our feet can be recognized from miles

Because we are children of the sun  were our innocence can not be found in any file


Our skin as unique as all the sadza grains

Hints of our luscious pigment glows within our veins

Our hands as sweet as chocolate or sugar cane

As we admire the difference from our skin and from our brain

Because we are children of the sun who would rather run than drive in any lane

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