Warthogs' World

2017-2018 Staff

Makara Kulilishika


Hey guys! My name is Makara Kulilishika. I am in 9th grade at Harare International School and a new member to Warthogs’ World Newspaper. I was born in Zimbabwe and joined the school in EC1. I love playing basketball, I real...

Ishika Kanda


Hello, my name is Ishika Kanda, and am currently in Grade 11. I am a journalist for the newspaper Warthogs World. I am originally from India but was born and brought up in Africa. I joined Warthogs' World because I enjoy Art and...

Erik Hutter


My name is Erik Hutter and I have recently became a part of the HIS community. I joined Warthogs' World because I enjoy writing and also as I believe it is a way for me to learn more about the school and the different events...

Tingting Wu


Hi my name is Tingting Wu, and I am in grade 11. I am a journalist for Warthogs World. I love art in many forms including literature, which I hope I can express in the future. I am a Chinese born in Zimbabwe and I have been at...

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